How do I find the Plus Code associated with my address?
Step 1:

Navigate to the “Plus Code Map” page and enter your address

For example, enter:     Victoria Falls, Zambia
Step 2:

Click on the map to navigate to the exact desired location.  Zoom in to click the exact 3x3m2 square area you want

Step 3:

Copy the entire plus code AND city/country that is returned

Step 4:

Use the copied text as your plus code address when signing up on the Sign-Up page

  • You can enter any letters, numbers, symbols or combinations thereof.
    Remember, the shorter and simpler your @1, @2 and @3 word locations are, the easier it will be for others to use your Find.Me.Here address to find you.

The first person that registers a unique @@@ word combination effectively ‘claims’ that @@@ word location address.   If you wish to register a @@@ word location that is already ‘taken’ you will be alerted to this during sign up.

Yes – you can use any language to register your @@@ word location.

Yes – you need to have access to data to be able to use this service.

Yes – you can find your plus code outside the website.

At this time, each user can only register one @@@ word location.

The Find.Me.Here administrators may disallow inappropriate location words at their discretion.

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